Our Services
We bridge academia and industry to your advantage
WebOracle Programming services help our clients create solutions with technology that is customized to their workflow, volume, and personnel.
A key aspect of our approach is continuous involvement of the client throughout the development. At each step, the client is always in a position to make informed decisions and recommendations.

Our approach to application customization and integration facilitates high quality solutions that meet expectations. Whether clients want to customize their applications to their unique environment or integrate applications, WebOracle Programming Services has the comprehensive range of talent and expertise to build the complete solution. 
  1. Azure Migration Services
    WebOracle has been living in the clouds since it's (clouds) inception and can help architect a solution that works for you and your company. We have many successful infrastructure as a service deployments. We can support your migrations through Office 365, SharePoint or Azure. We have experience with Azure AD and Graph, Micro Services, etc...As Certified Gold Microsoft partners, we can also offer as much as 7.5% off of retail fees.
  2. AWS Migration Services
    Define your approach to cloud computing, from strategy to change management to technology, with our expert guidance. Meet your internal and external compliance requirements by developing and implementing security policies and controls based on proven, validated designs. Increase the speed of your migration to the AWS cloud while reducing implementation risk.
  3. AWS Cost Optimization
    The biggest expense in AWS is EC2 instance cost. There are a number of instance types, but there are also different SLA options that affect price. WebOracle helps to design solutions that meet your required SLA , while mixing "Spot" instances with Dedicated and on-demand instances and at the same time, achieving up to A 40% cost reduction.
  4. Contemporary Development
    Nowadays as an architect looking at solutioning for your design challenge, you are not thinking about isolated software development. You have to think about different SaaS options available to you. At the early stage you have to decide upon a hosting model, because AWS services are different from Azure which are different from Google, but contemporary tools allow you to write code that can be deployed on Windows and Linux. .NET Core is a good example of such an environment, but VS2017 comes with 3 templates for .NET Core. Which one to use for your workflow? As a Gold Partner we had early exposure to this technology.
  5. Containerization
    All three major clouds support Docker containers. SO, the question is which cluster you want to use? If you ARE deploying A solution on Google then you will use Kubernetes. Microsoft supports Kubernetes too, but Swarm and Marathon as well. EC2 has unique approach to orchestration and it integrates with rest of the AWS services providing A smoother overall experience. Containers themselves are mostly Linux based, but don't have to be. We have experience even running ASP Form web sites on Docker. WebOracle provides advisory and implementation services in this area.
  6. Mobile Apps Development
    The world of iOS and MacOS applications is front and center of most of our projects. But mobile means many things: do you need an app that looks good on smaller screens (responsive) or you need an app that works in disconnected mode (real mobile)? In the latter case do you need advance features like voice recognition and split-screen mode, or you want to have a single code base? We can help you choose and implement the right technology such as React Native, Swift and Java just to name a few.
  7. Analytics
    The ability to take data – to be able to understand it, to process it, to extract value from it, to visualize it, and then to ultimately communicate it, is going to be hugely important. Data Science is the part that helps in understanding, but its the presentation that makes all the difference. What kind of presentation to use, what tool to use? Microsoft Power BI is a great tool, but it does not provide vanity URLs. What if you want to embed Power BI reports into your application. Because we are data scientists and integrators we are a one stop shop for all of these types of solutions.
  8. Data Science
    Machine Learning, is the technique used by Data Scientists to automate the construction of analytical data models. Computers can use one of the following: Regression, Classification, Decision Trees, Random Forest, Naive Bayes, Nearest Neighbors (KNN), K-Means, Support Vector Machines, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing or Neural Networks, but which one is better for your data and how to validate the success? At WebOracle We bridge academia and industry to your advantage.
  9. Business Process Integration
    If you come from a SharePoint world and remember InfoPath then you remember that for a number of years workflows and forms were a big deal. Then the topic slightly faded away, but the business need grew stronger nevertheless. In the past we evaluated a number of third party solutions and have chosen AgilePoint because it is feature rich and has flexible licensing. We created a number of very complex AgilePoint workflows and integrated them with other applications.